Bacta make F.U.N. the name of the game for EAG

As EAG celebrated its 10th birthday this year, Bacta CEO John White hailed the exhibition as a landmark for the industry moving forward.


“There’s an increased number of visitors this year and a very broad range of products for people to see, we’ve got something for everyone here, all under one roof.”.

“There’s a great crop of new pushers, new concepts, some lovely kiddie rides, lots of redemption which is continuing to be very strong. I think the industry’s in a good place, which is only good for customers.”

Bacta John White EAG 2019With its victorious FOBT campaign marking a huge success for 2018, and the April enactment set to provide a host of opportunities to amusement and AGC operators, White also spoke of Bacta’s hope to make 2019 a key year for improving public opinion.

“We’d like to see a reassertion of the amusement narrative this year. Our business has become associated with gambling, but we’re not hard gambling, we’ve been pulled into it perceptually.

“2019 we will be reasserting what we’re really about as an industry; amusement and entertainment.”

The sense of community provided by EAG will be a key element of the move forward, with White keen to continue the “really friendly atmosphere” with each member “part of one family.”

“There are forces out there that would like to undermine us, but united we stand, divided we fall. Together we can achieve a lot, it’s only when we’re divided we can be picked off.”

“What people see and how people feel does ripple out, and I think it’s been a fantastic show from that point of view, setting a new benchmark in terms of what the industry can provide.”

“It’s been a particularly successful year, and EAG is a great reminder, from the gaming side to amusements, that we are all about fun.”


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