Responsible Gambling Week gears up for annual campaign

The 2018 Responsible Gambling Week will benefit from a completely new online presence in its drive to reach out to new audiences and spread its core message.


The Industry Group for Responsible Gambling has launched a brand new web- site that will provide a central resource for information point for supporting organisations, customers, staff and the the general public alike.

Alongside this is a full range of social media channels designed in conjunction with the site,further increasing outreach and promoting positive public engagements at a time when this is many people’s primary form of online interaction.

RGW John Hagan
John Hagan, IGRG Chairman

John Hagan, IGRG chairman, said in a statement:“ For 2018, we will be seeking to broaden the Week’s base of supporters and make use of communication networks, both traditional and digital, to have a conversation with a wider audience and raise awareness, continuing the “Let’s talk” theme of 2017.”


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